Electrician in Deep River, CT

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. While a number of homeowners believe they can repair any issue that may arise, electrical repairs are best left to a licensed electrician. Whether you are dealing with dimming lights or frequent circuit breaker tripping, knowing who to call for electrical repairs is a must. 

Sierra Electric, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality work and professional service to all our customers. Our electricians are familiar will all aspects of electrical contracting, including:

Why Choose Sierra Electric, LLC?

Experience. We’ve provided the residents of Deep River with quality electrical service for over 15 years. Our seasoned, skilled, certified electricians who are fully trained in all aspects of electrical service, repair, and installation for residential properties.

Customer Service. All of our electricians are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are a customer-centric company, meaning we are dedicated to providing excellent service during the entire contracting process.

Upfront Pricing. We prepare a detailed, customized written quote at the time of your appointment. It itemizes every product we recommend and every task that needs to be completed. No surprises.

Contact us today at (860) 830-0275 to schedule a free estimate for any of your electrical needs!


Deep River is a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut and had a population of 4,629 according to the 2010 census. From 1840 to around 1940, the U.S. was the world's biggest buyer of ivory and most of that ivory went to Deep River. Phineas Pratt developed an ivory lathe which gave the city of Deep River the nickname "the queen of the valley" due to its wealth from the ivory industry.

Deep River Resources:

Deep River Historical Society - The Deep River Historical Society is an integral community partner that dedicates itself to preserving the local heritage through exhibits, programs, research, collections and publications. Membership is open to everyone and includes a subscription to the Society’s newsletter and a notice of programs and special events as well as free admission to exhibits. 

Deep River Ancient Muster - The Deep River Ancient Muster is the largest one-day gathering of fife and drum corps hosted annually by the DRAM committee. Up to 80 bands dressed in historical attire pass historical buildings while performing music that was used in military engagements in past wars.