Pool Electrical Wiring

Above Ground Pool Electric Somers CT

Installing a pool or spa is a great addition to any backyard. Our electricians can help set up all of the electrical necessities, such as properly grounded power for your filter. We can also add lighting to pools, which not only acts a great light source for night time swimming, but also as a great finishing touch to a beautiful backyard landscape.

Sierra Electric can also install lights for backyard ponds and fountains to extend your viewing pleasure well into the evening. We can help you choose a light that best highlights your water structure. Underwater lighting systems usually are low-voltage systems and are relatively safe and easy to install.

Steps for installing pool electrical:

  1. Determine what type of equipment will be installed with the pools (i.e. pump size, heat pump, lighting, other accessories).
  2. Determine the best location for in-ground or above ground pool.
  3. Verify adequate service and breaker availability at main panel.
  4. Apply for electrical permits with local authority.
  5. Provide trenching (if necessary) from house to pool equipment.
  6. Rough pool for the first inspection (bonding and underground piping).
  7. Once the pool has been backfilled and the equipment is in place, complete electrical connections to equipment.
  8. Setup final electrical inspection.

"We had them come out to bond our pool with some extra wiring and it was well done. They were very professional, completely transparent about the work being done, and was flexible with the schedule. Overall work came out great. I highly recommend!"

Gerald M. | Somers, CT


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