Hot Tub Electrical Installation

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If you’re installing a hot tub, or spa in your home, it’s very important to make sure that all of the necessary electrical wiring is installed professionally. All hot tubs, regardless of size, need GFCI protection and proper grounding. These are the most important steps to ensuring that hot tub users are safe. There must also be a disconnect in case of emergencies and the wiring should be protected from moisture and chemical damage.

What to expect during hot tub electrical installation:

  1. Verify adequate service and breaker availability at main panel.
  2. Apply for electrical permits with local authority.
  3. Provide trenching (if necessary) from house to hot tub location.
  4. Complete electrical connections from disconnect to hot tub.
  5. Setup final electrical inspection.
  6. Backfill trench (if necessary).

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